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Auto Insurance doesn’t have to be confusing!   We know searching for ” Auto Insurance Coverages Des Peres MO ” can be a daunting task for many people, that is why agents at Alternatives Insurance® of Des Peres are ready to help!  There are hundreds of auto insurance companies that offer a variety of discounts, benefits and options.  Alternatives Insurance® of Des Peres shops the insurance companies to get you the right coverage for your needs.

As your life changes, so do your insurance coverages. Many people do not realize getting married or moving to another zip code may affect your insurance price. As your personal insurance agent, we will ensure you don’t have any surprises.  You should discuss any life changes with your agent when any of the following occur:

  • Marital status
  • Credit score  (good or bad)
  • More than 3 years since a Moving Violation
  • Changes in your employment
  • Moved to a New Zip Code
  • Purchased a new home
  • Added a new vehicle

Any of these events can change your insurance rates.  It is imperative to discuss these changes with your agent – you owe it to yourself to have the best coverage for the best price. Auto Insurance Coverages have many components to each policy and rates vary from company to company.  ISO continues to study statistics and adjusts insurance costs accordingly.  Don’t think because your current carrier had the best price 2 years ago that it will stay the same when your policy renews.  (*ISO measures statistical, actuarial, underwriting, and claims information in segregated geographical locations.)

In order to have the best coverage, you will want to talk with your auto insurance agent about the types of auto insurance coverages that are right for you. If you don’t get the right coverage, you may be at risk, or you may be paying for coverage you do not need!

Types of Coverages

Auto Insurance Coverage:  LIABILITY

All Missouri drivers are required to purchase and maintain minimum amounts of liability auto insurance coverage. Liability insurance coverage is typically a required type of car insurance and worth the financial security.

Liability insurance includes 1) Bodily injury coverage, which pays for injuries suffered by others in an accident you caused and 2) Property damage coverage, that pays for damage you cause to another person’s property in an accident.


Comprehensive Insurance Coverages, will help pay for repairs to your car when damaged by an event other than a collision.  Although this coverage may vary between insurance companies, it generally covers damages from fire, theft, vandalism, hail, falling objects, animals or fowl, natural disasters, and all glass breakage. Collision Insurance Coverage will help pay for repairs to your car after it has been damaged in a collision–such as hitting another object.

Comprehensive and collision coverages are optional; however, more often they are typically required as part of a car loan or lease agreement.  Think about this – when you cause an accident, what is your first thought?  Of course, its if everyone is okay, but then you see the damage and wonder how you’ll pay for the other driver’s damage. If you have liability coverage, this will may cover all of those costs. However, if you only carry liability insurance, you could be left to pay for your own damages out of your pocket.


Auto Insurance Coverages Des Peres MO | Alternatives Insurance® of Des Peres |  (314) 822-0100Missouri Law  also requires drivers to hold uninsured motorist coverage for bodily injury and property damage.  Liability insurance only pays for bodily injuries or property damage suffered by others when you are at fault in an accident.  Your own injuries or property damage are not covered through liability insurance.  So if your vehicle is damaged and you are injured in an auto accident that is not your fault, the at fault party is responsible for your damages.  If the at fault party has no insurance, then your Uninsured Motorist Coverage will pay for your damages.  In many cases where the at fault party has minimum auto insurance limits, it is not enough to cover all damages, so your Underinsured auto insurance coverage will pay the difference.

Auto Insurance Coverages:  MEDICAL CAR INSURANCE

Medical coverage is an important auto insurance coverage. Also known as Med Pay, medical car insurance covers the costs (up to a limit) for injuries that you or  your passengers may have when riding in and while loading or unloading the vehicle.  You and your family may be covered as a pedestrian also.


Other Auto Insurance Coverages

There are many auto insurance packages to choose from; some of them will qualify you for additional auto insurance discounts. These coverages include Emergency Roadside Assistance, GAP Insurance, Rental Reimbursement Coverage, Glass Breakage Coverage and Modified Car Insurance Coverages.

You can learn more about these coverage types, and additional coverages by visiting our webpage, Auto Insurance, and reading the Bodily Injury and Property Damage Coverage page in your policy.  More information about auto insurance coverages and requirements by law can be found online at Missouri Department of Revenue.  Or call Alternatives Insurance® of Des Peres (314) 822-0100



Adam Majnerich has been an insurance professional for over 16 years and earned the position of General Manager for MJM Insurance™. His professionalism and attention to detail along with his utilization of technology ensures every client receives the most accurate, competitive, efficient and complete risk solutions.

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