Missouri Home Insurance TIP : Washing Machine Hoses

Missouri Home Insurance Tip | Alternatives Insurance of Des Peres (314) 822-0100Missouri Home Insurance TIP.   Alternatives Insurance® of Des Peres Missouri will be providing useful insurance news and tips that will save you money and possibly prevent some bad claims.

If you have a washing machine, please check the connecting water hoses.  They should be the new flexible steel hoses — if you still have rubber hoses — you are likely to have a very bad water damage problem at some point. If you do have rubber hoses, please turn the water off to the washing machine when you leave for a few days–like on vacation. Water running out of your front door when you return home is not a fun experience.

More Missouri Home Insurance Tips about preventing claims and saving money coming soon!  Alternatives Insurance® of Des Peres Missouri (314) 822-0100.  We provide insurance and financial services to all residence of Missouri.


Adam Majnerich has been an insurance professional for over 16 years and earned the position of General Manager for MJM Insurance™. His professionalism and attention to detail along with his utilization of technology ensures every client receives the most accurate, competitive, efficient and complete risk solutions.

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